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About Focus LED

To help the growth of all business who uses LED Products and to get a reasonable prices and quaility products. As LED technology advances, the products will start to decrease in price, therefore, we can reduce our price for our customers.  The more you buy the better the price it will be.  We are not the cheapest LED product you will get in the market but we will not take advantage of you as a customer.


Our Services

We can save you time and money! Got a deadline for your project? We won't disappoint you!

LED Strip (Shopfitting)

Simply, have a look at our LED Strip product range and let us know the model that you want. We can cut and solder to suit the size that you require for your project. You can also submit your artwork to us by email.

No job is too small, we won't be put off by any small jobs. However you will always receive the best service and save on your on-site labour costs.

We charge a very small fee for this service, so you just pay for the product and the quantity of soldering required.

LED Modules (LED Signs)

Have a look at our LED Module product range and let us know the size of your letter(s). We can provide a quote based on your artwork. You can submit your artwork to us via email.

LED Commercial Lighting - Design of lighting for a retail shop, shopping centre etc.

Take a look at our Commercial Lighting range and let us know which product(s) might be suitable for your project. Then just give us a call or email to let us know which products you need and the quantity that you require. You can submit your specification to us via email.

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