LED Stands for Light Emitting Diode, A diode is an electrical component with two terminals which conduct the electricity only in one direction.   The atoms in the chips making up the diode are energized with electrical current and release light.  LED lighting normally uses 12 voltage, therefore you will require a step down transformer or what you call an Extra low voltage transformer.  It is a low risk power supply for LED Lighting.  

The operation time of the LED plays an important role in determine the Life Span of the LED, some people thinks I need to use the most out of my money with this LED lighting, let's turn it on 24 hours a day non stop, we are paying less money for electricity anyway and it suppose to last 22,000 hours.  You will prove nothing by doing this, not only you are not saving electricity but at the same time your LED Driver Life span will reduce.  The first thing that could go wrong with LED Lighting is the power supply, as it produces a lot more heat than the LED Lighting itself.  

That's why we provide a 3 years and a 5 years warranty LED Driver for our customer.  Basically, our LED Driver will not go wrong if you don't over doing the operation time.  If you want to pay a little extra for the two extra years part warrantly we can provide you with a small charge.  Our recommend operation time is 12 hours per day.  

Our Vision is to help the growth of all business who uses LED lighting to brighten up their display projects, at the same time receiving the best prices and quaility products for you as a customer. We made Installation & replacing old traditional lighting easy at the same time you will be helping to achieve a greener enviroment.  As LED technology advance the products will start to lower its price therefore, we want to be able to reduce our price too for our clients.